Developing World Class Leaders – The Ultimate Guide to Leadership Development

Tuesday 8:00 – 9:15 AM

Session Description

Why do so many organizations struggle with change? In order for change to take place, it requires a transition that moves from the past into the future. To accomplish this you need to understand that change is external and behavior based, while transition is internal and emotional based. Learning how to manage change and deal with transition is one of the most valuable skills an HR professional can master. This session explains the difference between change and transition and why organizations and people struggle with it. Attendees will learn how to instruct and prepare an organization from reacting to change to experiencing a smooth transition. By learning to understand the mental and emotional processes that take place in each new situation, soon you will be taking away fear and in turn encouraging others to embrace change.



Rick Tiemann

Rick Tiemann, author of the book Developing World Class Leaders – The Ultimate Guide to Leadership Development, founded The Executive Group in 1991 to help organizations develop their human capital and business organization needs. He is an accomplished speaker, presenting programs to organizations and associations throughout the country. He brings a unique mix of sales and business expertise coupled with a deep understanding of personality and professional performance potential. With 26 years of experience in client consultation and the application and interpretation of 13,000 individual assessments, Rick is recognized as an expert in his field. He has helped many organizations and companies improve business performance, build high performance teams, manage change, and create leadership development initiatives.