Navigate Workplace Rapids

Tuesday 9:45 – 11:00 AM

Session Description

An analogy of how white water rapids are like work. Challenging and jolting experiences along with unexpected twists and turns, makes the role of the HR Leader more vital today than ever! A constantly changing workplace can be difficult for employees to succeed in, or remain engaged. The HR Leader provide significant contributions on how to navigate these challenges well. Pressure, Obstacles and Terrain Change are the 3 Elements that cause Rapids. In work environments those three are disruptors that keep HR Pro’s constantly maneuvering. Obstacles are particularly onerous. Discover why most view obstacles negatively. More importantly, learn the 3 reasons you will leave LOVING OBSTACLES and realize the advantages they provide you. Leading like a Guide, relates directly to the modern HR Pro and their current quandary of becoming true Business Partners. Guides don’t lead from a position out front, but rather in the back of the raft.



Greg Hawks

As a Corporate Culture Specialist, Greg Hawks brings an expansive leadership portfolio to your service. For two decades he has mentored leaders, developed teams, crafted culture and and empowered employees. He is intensely motivated to grow high capacity performers who work, serve and sell with excellence, consistently. As a Keynote Speaker, he is an enthusiastic character. His style, wit and energy consistently capture the attention and imagination of audiences. His forward thinking contributes fresh perspectives that work. He’s annoyingly optimistic, contagiously energetic and slightly mischievous. People tend to like him.