Power in the Middle: Where the Real Work Gets Done

Tuesday 12:15 – 1:15 PM

Session Description

Middle managers directly supervise nearly 80% of the workforce. They are the ones who engage, motivate, and direct the people who actually do the organization’s work. Profitability, quality, innovation, retention, and engagement all ultimately depend on them. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore how to grow and develop your organization’s mid-level managers. You’ll come away with specific tools and techniques, persuasive statistics, and an in-depth understanding of how critically important this often-overlooked group really is.



Beth Shapiro

Beth Shapiro specializes in helping organizations build the capacity to execute on strategy and change initiatives. She coaches, trains, and consults on teaming, workforce engagement, and leadership development. Beth holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School. She is credentialed as an individual and Organization and Relationship Systems Coach. Her background includes more than 20 years of management and leadership in the private and non-profit sectors. In addition to coaching, Beth designs and delivers powerful, custom experiential trainings aimed at increasing workforce engagement, leadership capacity, and strategic effectiveness.

Etta Jacobs

Etta Jacobs is the Founder of hermes|path. Etta’s passion is helping people reach their highest potential. She quickly guides her clients to identify their goals and focus their energy to achieve noticeable results. Etta coaches her clients through career transitions, building their confidence, poise, and capacity to lead. She helps her clients cope with the anger, anxiety, and uncertainty that come with sudden job loss by channeling their energy into fruitful self-exploration. These clients quickly find realistic opportunities that capitalize on their skills and passions. Etta has a combination of real-world senior-level corporate experience and intuitive insight into her clients’ deepest skills and talents.

Etta gained her corporate expertise as an executive at two Fortune 500 companies, where she directed teams of creative professionals working on innovative, multi-million dollar projects. She shepherded her teams through continuous technological transitions and corporate reorganizations, nurturing their resilience and cultivating their creative problem-solving skills. While others gave orders, Etta provided direction. When others supplied targets, Etta offered vision. She mentored many teams and individuals to be agile as they reinvented production workflows, to meet increasingly aggressive deadlines, without sacrificing quality. Etta draws upon this experience to teach her clients how to look at events through different lenses, question their assumptions, and find creative and unexpected solutions to their career challenges.

Etta holds a Master of Organizational Psychology and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from William James College. Etta also has a BFA from Syracuse University.