Next Generation Diversity: Global, Profitable, Sustainable

Tuesday 1:30 – 3:00 PM

Session Description

We live in an Upside Down World. So much of what we know of how the world works has been flipped on its head: How we face new threats. How we manage talent. How we connect with one another. How we assess risks. The best practices have become obsolete. But we’re not sure what the new and next practices are. If these and other arenas are in the midst of questioning their basic presuppositions, then diversity is no different. In what ways is diversity upside down and, in this, does diversity have some answers to help address some of our most vexing contemporary challenges? More than ever before we need leaders, managers, and HR professionals who can lead vastly diverse teams in an inclusive way to optimize performance and generate greater innovation. Andrés Tapia will explore these issues in our closing keynote session.



Andrés Tapia

Mr. Tapia is a Senior Client Partner and Solutions Leader for the Workforce Performance, Inclusion and Diversity Practice in Korn Ferry’s Chicago office.

Mr. Tapia has been one of the leading voices in shaping a contemporary, next generation approach to diversity and inclusion. The approach is global, deeply integrated into talent systems, and focused on enabling marketplace success.

Mr. Tapia joined Korn Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting from Diversity Best Practices, a diversity and inclusion think-tank and consultancy, where he acted as President and was responsible for the organization’s overall vision, strategy, and outcomes. Prior to his tenure there, he acted as Chief Diversity Officer and Emerging Workforce Solutions Leader for Hewitt Associates and was responsible for shaping and leading that organization’s internal diversity transformation as well as its diversity consultancy.

Mr. Tapia, the author of a groundbreaking book, “The Inclusion Paradox: The Obama Era and the Transformation of Global Diversity,” is a frequently sought after speaker globally on the topic of diversity and inclusion. He has been published in major dailies throughout the U.S. and Latin America primarily through his writing for the New America Media wire service as well as on the Huffington Post. He is the recipient of numerous leadership and diversity awards and has served on a number of boards, including currently serving on the editorial board of Diversity Executive Magazine, the corporate advisory board for the Bentley University Center for Women and Business, and Ravinia Arts Festival.

Mr. Tapia received a Bachelor’s degree in modern history from Northwestern University in the Chicago area with an emphasis in journalism and political science. He grew up in a bilingual/bicultural home in Lima, Peru.